Our Partners REPRESENT the top Experts in their Fields in the US and The World


The Positive Coaching Alliance is dedicated to promoting participation in youth athletics by training coaches, parents and athletes in healthy and positive ways to approach sports. PCA President Jim Thompson donated his wisdom and expertise in positive coaching to the Beautiful Project.


CATZ, the Competitive Athlete Training Zone, has trained hundreds of professional and Olympic athletes and works with thousands of competitive youth athletes seeking to improve their own performance while reduce their risk of injury. CATZ experts created the Beautiful 12 Warmup specifically for the Beautiful Project. The 12-minute, soccer-specific warmup was designed to prevent injuries while working with the tight schedules of community-based soccer programs.

ThE Micheli Center

The Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention is dedicated to cutting edge research and education in order to encourage sports and exercise, especially among children and young adults, while simultaneously preventing sports injuries. Center Director Dr. William Meehan is the Beautiful Project’s expert on concussion prevention and awareness in young female athletes.


The Female Athlete Program at Boston Children’s Hospital has conducted groundbreaking research on the female athlete’s physiology. Program Director Dr. Kate Ackerman is the Beautiful Project’s expert on the Female Athlete Triad - the crucial but little-understood  interaction between nutrition, hormones and bone health in the young female athlete.


Steward Health Care is the primary sponsor of the Boston Breakers. Steward and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital are both innovative health care providers and the official medical services providers to the team. Stewart provided the expertise of Dr. Robert Nascimento, the Beautiful Project’s expert on the prevention and treatment of ACL and other knee injuries that are alarmingly common in girls sports.


MEDA (Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association) provides services to girls and young women with eating disorders and has conducted extensive research on positive and negative factors that influence girls’ decision making. Becky Manley interviewed hundreds of young female soccer players as well as professional athletes and is the Beautiful Project’s experts on what young women say they want most from their coaches.